Litho Printing from Express Digital Print

Litho Printing

Another type of printing we use at Express Digital Print here in Harlow is lithographic printing which is completely different to digital printing. Lithographic printing is produced using a metal plate that has a completely smooth surface, a polymer coating is then applied to a flexible aluminium plate which is then able to be transferred to paper or any other material in high volume. Lithographic printing or 'litho printing' is used to print items that are needed in high volumes, the products that are printed using lithographic printing are items such as books, posters, maps and packaging rather than our low volume digital printing services.

If you have an item that is required to be printed up to a million times also at a low cost then you need to take advantage of the fantastic lithographic printing services that are available here at Express Digital Print in Harlow. We have been dealing with high volume print work for many years now at Express Digital Print and we know how to deliver the best quality results for you, we work in full colour to make sure that we are always delivering stunning results.

Using our top of the range litho printers we have been printing brochures, magazines, flyers and leaflets for our customers for many years not just in Harlow but for customers throughout the Essex county. Here at Express Digital Print we know that we have the knowledge and experience that means we can provide you with the best service around, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are constantly meeting all of our clients expectations 100%.

When you make an order that requires lithographic printing, due to the fact that they are usually large orders there is a 5 day turnaround time from order to delivery, a huge advantage of litho printing is that the more your order the cheaper each item becomes, therefore it is more financially beneficial to order more items up front whether that is booklets, flyers or any other item as it turns out to be cheaper than putting in repeat orders of less quantities at a later date.

Some of the examples of litho printing we do here at Express Digital Print in Harlow, Essex

Whatever the reason for you needing litho printing whether you are printing brochures, magazines or other products that need to be produced in high quantities then come and see us at Express Digital Print in Harlow so that we can discuss your requirements, we can offer you with expert advice, express printing and extreme quality on all of the printing work that we do.