Graphic Design from Express Digital Print

Graphic Design & Print Finishing

From Express Digital Print in Harlow, Essex

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with a good design for your printed items, whether it is a logo design or designing your marketing campaign, but not to worry as here at Express Digital Print in Harlow we can boast about the fact that we have an absolutely brilliant team of in house graphic designers. Our graphic designers are able to work closely with you to create stunning examples of artwork that can then be used in your printing. We can come up with designs from scratch or we can improve already made designs if you are wanting to re-brand or you want to improve on your designs.

Our team of graphic designers are also able to make any amendments to any artwork you may already have, such as a logo, if your designs weren't in the correct printing format for printing this would be a problem for us. If you have a logo or branding that you like some aspects of but want it tweaking slightly to be made more up to date, we can then work with you to create something that is more modern and clean. Our designers here at Express Digital Print are very good when it comes to matching different colour themes and are able to create some beautiful images using contrasting colours as well as unusual themes that will help your print stand out. If you are looking for designs that are a little bit different then make sure you give us a call here at Express Digital Print in Harlow to see what we can do to help you, whether it is through the use of a digital print or litho print service.

There are many uses for the graphic design service that we have on offer here at Express Digital Print in Essex, the most popular use is for creating company branding. We would start the design by incorporating your ideas and colour schemes and then by using these we would then create something that is not only relevant to your business but is also eye catching. The logo, letterheads, business cards, merchandise, packaging and your vehicle graphics would all be different versions of the same branding, all of which can then be used on flyers, banners and any type of advertising you wish to use as advertising or to help promote brand awareness. Our graphic design service can be used for a brand new business that is just starting out, or an already established business that is wanting to re-brand and have a fresh new look.

Print Finishing

Here at Express Digital Print in Harlow, not only do we print and design every aspect of the printing work that we produce, but we also make sure that you are getting fully finished products at the end of the process. These finishing services include trimming, folding, stitching, drilling, scoring and collating all of our products if that is what our customers want.

As well as this range of finishing choices we can also provide a binding and laminating service here in Harlow. Are you a student at university? Do you want your work to stand out above the rest? Get in touch with us here at Express Digital Print where we can present your work in a highly professional manner in a purpose bound folder. Once you have chosen your stock (weight) of paper and the colours, we will then help you choose a beautiful and professional finish, this could include finishing processes such as embossing which is where we will raise up a portion of the page which will then create a shadow which really makes a piece of work stand out, looks professional and gives a real sense of occasion to your work.

The finishing methods of lamination and encapsulation are both used in the printing of brochures because both of these finishing methods will generally give the page a lustre that will then add a feeling of quality to any publication. The other print finishing services that we provide here at Express Digital Print in Harlow include: